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Here are just a few of the positive comments we've received from our existing customers. This is genuine, unsolicited feedback, quoted with the permission of each customer.

You have been nothing but helpful. And believe me if I had someone to write into telling them about you and how wonderful you have been to me I will!! I found your site by just searching the web it was kind of neat you just popped up! (and I am glad I found you). I am going to tell everybody about your site!

“I'll get onto that website over the next few days and see how I get on. I'll get back in touch if I encounter difficulties (which I may well do being a complete idiot when it comes to that sort of thing). Which is why your 2-Minute site is so fabulous - and I'm recommending it to everyone!

“I think the service/idea is great and I now have the opportunity to develop a very professional looking web-site at modest cost.”

“Thanks for your welcome. I must tell you what a relief it was to find your site. It was pure accident after endless searching the internet for a web design company. I approached BT and numerous companies. Not only they wanted exorbitant prices but the worst was the complete lack of flexibility after they designed the website - BT would charge up to £50 for any change or new editing. As I have no technical skills in HTML/Frontpage software etc, what you provide is ideal for someone like myself. Caroline Helder was extremely helpful from day 1 of my trial period. Very professional and always prompt with her answers to my questions - in short excellent customer support even though I was still not a subscriber member.

“The first comment I want to make is that I found your web site construction very easy. For the past month I have tried one program after another but could not work with them because I know nothing about the HTML code. Now I can build the site I want without that darn HTML.”

“By the way, your site was very helpful. You've made our life easier.

“Just to tell you that that website you submitted for Anne has just gone to #1 on Google! Terrific!! Sounds a bit like TOTP. Thanks a bunch for your help. ... The site continues to be one of the top sites on google, yahoo and a number of other search engines. Anne tells me that she is responding to an average of six good enquiries a day all generated from this website. Thanks to your efforts this has been a real success.

“Just a note to say thank you for all the help and advice you have given me whilst I was setting up my site. I still have stuff to do with it, but feel 100% sure of what I am doing now. Its fair to say that I thought the £65.00 package was a bit too good to be true at first etc etc, but this has been totally unfounded due to all your help. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. Many many thanks.

I love your concept and I love your site. I am very thankful that I can build a site at such a modest price. Starting a new business and trying to cultivate it on a next to non-budget allowance is difficult, and your site is a great help.

“Wow! That's simply all I can say about your product. I have tried lot's of "do-it-yourself" websites but none have compared to this. The money I spent can't compare to the dollars I saved on different drawing programs, separate hosting, FTP up loaders and all the extra stuff they try to sell you. I wish you guys were around earlier!

“I am pleased to say that the site has been 100% reliable and is going from strength to strength almost on a daily basis. Whilst I wanted a web site as bit of extra advertising so to speak, its now earning its keep collecting orders from the US and France amongst other places. Once again hope all is well, and thanks.

“Once again you have been a great help on both accounts. Not sure what I would do without you. Thanks for your help. [And when we asked if we could quote his comments on this page] That would be fine. You have done such a good job that I would be mad to say no.

“Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the service you offer at 2-minute-website.com. In the space of a week I have been able to set my site up and establish an online shop, and I really don't know that much about creating websites...

The website has been great! It has helped us sell many horses and we are just so pleased. The website is so wonderful and I am glad I chose it! You can quote me on that. I feel your website is the best, and I want others to know.

“I didn't realise that starting a website was so easy. With 2-Minute-Website it's just that. Simple, convenient and the online help is wonderful. I have had a great response from my website which is about healing from difficult relationships. I have been overwhelmed with the other websites wanting to link to my page, so many letters it has been a great experience and I feel good to be able to help others. If it's something you have been wanting to do but feel reluctant because you don't know where to start contact 2-Minute-Website.com and you'll be surprised to see how quick, easy and exciting it is to have your own customised website.

“I am so glad I chose your company over all the others! It is just what I wanted, and there's so much freedom. Thank you so much! You guys RULE!

“My name is Graham King and I have just put together a website using your service. I am amazed at your service! Talk about state of the art - I have waited years for someone else to build me my website and in an afternoon I have done one myself. For the past 12 years I have been writing with a dream to one day float my work out into the world. With your support and brilliant service you have realised that dream for me. Thank you.

“Your help has been extremely valuable and reassuring to me. Knowing that a friendly service is there when needed makes a massive difference in these early and stressful days.

“It really is nice to come across a company that have the same high ideas of customer service that I have for my customers. There are not many of us about. You are welcome to quote me - you guys really do have a GREAT website! Thank you for all your help & support!!

I love the independence I achieve through 2-Minute-Website.com and the more I learn, the wider my possibilities.

“You would not believe how happy I am with my site, and the best thing is "I BUILT IT" god I'm good, but seriously thank you for being around and all the help you have given when I have asked for it, on a scale of 1 to 10 you are definitely an 11 oh and 2-Minute-Website ain't bad either ha ha ha

“I really am very impressed with the service that you offer and have been recommending 2-Minute-Website to all my friends. Many thanks.

“Also, I pulled up the hints, and will be following up on procedures to make this site more successful. Again, you are just terrific, patient, and never make me feel foolish about trying this new adventure. God love you..

“I'm totally impressed! I got the first 3 pages of my trial up in half an hour. Hooray! I then passed the link upstairs (via email, how sad is that?) and my husband did a page in 10 minutes and emailed back "Go for it!"

“By the way your service is just FANTASTIC and saved me spending weeks learning how to use Dreamweaver!! I will ensure to recommend it to everyone I meet.

“I would just like to thank-you for offering an excellent service. Everyone I know that has visited my web site thinks it's fantastic. I would recommend your services to anyone. Hassle free and easy to use - Brilliant! Thank-you

“I am getting a lot of pet photography jobs lately because of my web site. I'm sure glad I found you.

“Have renewed and just wanted to say how delighted I've been with the website and the service from yourselves.Thanks very much.

“From knowing nothing about making a Web Site to getting one on line, took a few hours, and that included the final draft. Your method took all the hard work out of it. So simple so good! I would recommend it to anyone starting out to give you a trial. I have had nothing but praise for the finished site.

“I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the way that everything has worked out! I am recommending your service to every person I can find. My enthusiasm might indicate that your service has provided me with more than enough power. Thank you!

“I am so pleased with your websites and with the customer service. I have recommended using you guys to several of my friends who's businesses are not yet on the web. I really appreciate your help and all of the great service that you have provided and look forward to having a long lasting professional relationship.

“We just cannot get over how good is the service and product you offer. We are a tiny (2 man) business covering minority motorcycle sports for satellite TV and we have found this new website an excellent way of "selling" our idea and therefore increasing viewing figures. Your site is so easy to run - we need to update information regularly - and it's all so fast and straightforward. We would recommend you to everyone. While I'm writing, I'd also like to add how efficient your system is for notifying search engines, as we are rated very high in google searches which must be all down to you as I have done nothing from this end. We get lots of google referrals.”

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